Africa's Best Originals Cornrow & Braid Revitalizer 177ml

Africa's Best Originals Cornrow & Braid Revitalizer 177ml






All-natural herbal oil blend quickly relieves itching associated with wearing cornrows, braids, locks, twists and other styles that put tension on the scalp. Eases tension and soothes irritation. Pleasant fragrance. Cornrow & Braid Revitalizer was especially formulated to bring braided, twisted & locked hairstyles back to life. When applied, it instantly increases shine, reduces frizziness and helps create a cleaner, fresh smelling, neater appearance. It penetrates through hair extensions, conditioning & moisturizing your own natural hair. Regular use helps prevent breakage. When taking down braids. This light, natural, non-flaking hair therapy doesn't clog pores.

  • Perfect for the care and maintenance of all braids including box braids, locs, twists & cornrows.
  • Creates shine and healthy looking braids
  • Eliminates frizz on natural hair and braided extensions.
  • All natural herbal oil blend of ingredients.