Dread Empire Dreadlock Accelerator 400ml

Dread Empire Dreadlock Accelerator 400ml




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Dread Empire delivers the ultimate Dreadlock Accelerator! It tightens and matures dreads faster utilising the age old accelerating properties of Sea Salt and a splash of Lime. It is the ultimate Accelerator because the texturizing effect is balanced with the addition of Aloe Vera and Pro Vitamin B which will condition and nourish creating not only tight, smooth dreads but healthy ones too. It works by opening up the hair follicles and cuticles creating an environment in which dreads thrive. In fact your hair just needs to see the Accelerator coming and it knots up!

  • Tightens and matures dreads faster.
  • Contains Aloe Vera, vitamin B, sea salt and a splash of lime.
  • Helps Knot up your hair to dread and loc up faster.