Olaplex No.0 Intense Bond Building Treatment 155ml 155ml

Olaplex No.0 Intense Bond Building Treatment 155ml 155ml




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A priming treatment to help your hair absorb the benefits of Olaplex No.3. 

For those of us who take our hair treatments extremely seriously, there’s Olaplex No.0 Intense Bond Building Treatment. This priming treatment has been made with the same bond-building technology as your beloved Olaplex No.3, and in fact, it’s designed to be used in tandem with that product. If you want to level up the same strengthening, bond-rebuilding benefits you’re used to seeing with your Olaplex treatments, you’ll want to add Olaplex No.0 to your routine. 

Why will I love Olaplex No.0 Intense Bond Building Treatment? 

  • Priming treatment for use before Olaplex No.3
  • Apply to dry hair
  • Suits all hair types and textures
  • Helps prepare hair for bond rebuilding 
  • Maximises the efficacy of Olaplex No.3
  • Restores and strengthens damaged hair 
  • Each bottle contains 4-6 uses depending on hair length and thickness
  • 155ml 

Who is Olaplex No.0 Intense Bond Building Treatment best for?

If you’ve got a head of hair, this one has your name on it. But if we’re going to get more specific, it’s for anyone who uses and loves Olaplex No.3, and would like to get even more out of the treatment. That means if your hair is damaged, over-processed or otherwise compromised, Olaplex No.0 is for you. It’s vegan, cruelty free, and suitable for all hair types and textures. 

How should I use Olaplex No.0 Intense Bond Building Treatment?

So this is designed to be used before Olaplex No.3. Starting with dry hair, completely saturate your hair from root to tip with Olaplex No.0 straight from the bottle. You’ll want to work in sections to ensure you get everything, and work the product through with your fingers as you’ve applied to each section. 
Wait for 10 minutes, and then, without rinsing, apply your Olaplex No.3 treatment from root to tip. Leave the combo of the two for at least 10 minutes, then shampoo, condition and style as per. Use once or twice a week for maximum benefits.